Arcus Andura Laser System

Design, Customize, Scale, Cut, Sew, and Sell.  This complete package helps in every step to keep your production rates fast and problem free, while also offering an ecommerce storefront and customization options for your buyers.

ALL IN ONE   -    Arcus Andura Solutions


State of the art design tools

Save time in design with a suite of tools geared specifically to error free clothing panel designs.  Artwork is automatically nested to minimize material waste.


Smart laser cutting

Textiles move through laser seamlessly and wrinkle free.  Laser camera tracking ensures your cuts are aligned with your artwork.  Custom light projection highlights panel sets to be pulled from the final output from the laser bed.


Customer Care & Technology Package

Carry your designs directly to an ecommerce web store including 3d views, size and design variants, and even allow customer selection and placement of additional printed details and customization.  Make assembly instruction packs and care labels within the design process.

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