Vision Scan Contour Cutting

Auto Scanning

Auto Vectorization

Laser Precise Sealed Edges

Just Press and Go!

The fastest laser cutting machines have become even faster.

  • Fast and Precise Cutting of Dye Sublimated Textiles and other substrates
  • Auto Vectorizing - Can be Saved and Exported
  • Minimal Setup Time – Just Press Go!
  • Handles Complex Distortions to the Printed Contour of the Design
  • Cuts Blank Material, Gray Goods and Printed Bulk Fabric Efficiently
  • Cuts Any Type of Textile

The Vision Scan system for the FB Series makes it possible to cut precise printed fabric without the need to create separate cut lines, files or registration marks. The Vision Scan system detects the image on almost any substrate and textile creating accurate vectors automatically that can be inset up to 3 mm to leave a clean edge. Paired with the Active De-reeler, the machine delivers the most accurate cut with minimal distortion by adjusting for any shifts in the material while feeding, maximizing the efficiency of every job from the beginning to the end of the roll.

A complete and versatile cutting system.

Capable of cutting or engraving almost any substrate.



The conveyor units are made with honeycomb cutting beds that allow continuous production of roll material in addition to transporting cut parts and waste from the machine automatically. When cutting is complete, the conveyor automatically moves forward and begins cutting again. The metal moving beds are designed for a variety of sheet and rolled material or fabrics.

Material is fed through the conveyor using the motorized roll handling system. The automatic roll system keeps the material constant and relaxes fabric tension before cutting. A tray located beneath the machine catches the cutouts or has the options of being fitted with an air blade to blow the cut parts away. By using the bite feed option, the operator can cut pieces that are larger than the cutting area, cutting on the fly to minimize cutting time and increase efficiency as the conveyor feeds material.

Continuous feed for textiles.

Electronic optical eye system.

In addition, there is a secondary optical registration high definition camera

A software enhanced optical registration camera built onto the cutting head allows for traditional scanning of registration marks. The high definition camera is an innovative solution that assists in reading traditional registration marks to accurately cut files to the contour of printed material, streamlining your production and resolving problems that previously meant turning work away.  By using the laser cutting system in addition to using registration marks, the system can easily cut, with precision, woven and printed or embroidered badges or designs.  CadCam’s Ethos software continuously checks registration points in the design and automatically adjusts pre-drawn shapes for distortion or rotation, cutting out the design with rapid precision and the finest quality cut.

Introducing the

The FB 500 is a compact laser cutting and engraving machine, though it still features the same high speed precision and build quality of larger FB Series machines.

  • 725mm x 500mm Cutting Area
  • 30/50 Watt Laser Power
  • Up to 1,000mm/sec Cutting Speed

The FB 700 combines versatility and performance to allow production on a vast number of materials. Each machine can be tailored to specific application requirements.

  • 725mm x 990mm Cutting Area
  • 30/50/100/200/250/400 Watt Laser Power
  • 600mm/sec Cutting Speed

The FB1500 was designed to handle larger material with exceptional versatility for higher production rates.

  • 1450mm x 990mm Cutting Area
  • 30/50/100/200/250/400 Watt Laser Power
  • 600mm/sec Cutting Speed

The FB1800 was created out of necessity for higher automation of large and complex tasks with zero loss of efficiency.

  • 1850mm x 990mm Cutting Area
  • 30/50/100/200/250/400 Watt Laser Power
  • Up to 1,000mm/sec Cutting Speed

The Apollo 600, like our other laser cutting machines, has a honeycomb flatbed for laser cutting standard materials like wood or plastic. But it also has the option of an intergrated embroidery hoop which can be put in place of the flatbed making this machine ideal for laser cutting embroidered badges and reverse appliques or even laser engraving your designs onto your fabrics or garments.

  • 600mm x 400mm Cutting Area
  • 30/50 Watt Laser Power
  • Up to 400mm/sec Cutting Speed

Due to increased demands for higher automation, we have developed a wide range of custom machines, specific for individual applications. This has allowed us to increase our range of machines, our current largest machine being the FB2400.

  • 2400mm x 1200mm Cutting Area
  • 30/50/100/200/250/400 Watt Laser Power
  • Up to 1,000mm/sec Cutting Speed

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